I'm the best chef in the Midwest. Comfort food is my specialty this time of the year. Ask me Anything about the best meals for Christmas!

Ayanna Rutherford
Dec 5, 2017

I prepare the most amazing food for my family every Christmas Eve.  They all really enjoy my cooking-especially the kids.  From sweet to savory, they all love my food and I love to cook the following:  Pot pies, pistachio pudding, turkey, apples, salmon, cabbage, stuffing, ham, mash potatoes, brussels spouts, mac and cheese, green beans, cranberry sauce, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, egg nog, apple cider,

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How do you make pistachio pudding? What does it taste like? 

Dec 11, 11:11AM EST0

What is your most creamiest dessert recipe?

Dec 8, 7:27PM EST0

What does your traditional Christmas table look like?

Dec 6, 9:03AM EST0

Who is your favorite chef? How does he inspire you?

Dec 6, 3:00AM EST0

Which ingredient for food is your favorite and why?

Dec 6, 12:28AM EST0

Can you share the simplest recipe of any your favorite dish with us?

Dec 6, 12:13AM EST0

Would you like to take a part in some culinary show?

Dec 5, 10:12PM EST0

Do you use spices to prepare your dishes? What ones?

Dec 5, 9:49PM EST0

How did you come up with the idea of cooking?

Dec 5, 9:36PM EST0

What is your level of the certification? How did you achieve it?

Dec 5, 9:27PM EST0

What dish that was cooked by you your family loves the most?

Dec 5, 9:13PM EST0

Do you often cook desserts? What's your favorite one?

Dec 5, 9:07PM EST0

What is the threat in the kitchen? Can I get any injuries while cooking?

Dec 5, 9:06PM EST0

What dish do you not know how to cook but really want to learn how to do it?

Dec 5, 6:45AM EST0

Do you have a restaurant or do you work as a recruit?

Dec 5, 6:35AM EST0

I'm a beginner cook. Could you give me some advice?

Dec 5, 5:15AM EST0

How do you feel about the kitchens of other countries? What do you think about Chinese food?

Dec 5, 3:46AM EST0

Where did you learn to cook? Did you pass special courses for this?

Dec 5, 3:22AM EST0

Who can become a chef? Are there any restrictions for people in your profession?

Dec 4, 10:13PM EST0
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