Jaisalmer is one of the driest places in the world. Still, the cuisine here is as spicy as it gets. Given that there is no water, it is almost impossible to keep your tongue from burning up . Yet, the people relish the food. Strange lands do induce stranger food habits. Ask me anything.

Garima Shekhawat
Jun 19, 2017

 There are interesting places with strange cuisines in this world. Jaisalmer is a desert city in Rajasthan, India so ideally one can expect the food of this place to be less spicy. Contrary to that, it has a very very spicy food. Weird but true

I have been to the place

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Did you indulge in loads of shopping and bought local handicrafts made by artisans?

Jun 18, 1:20PM EDT28

Yes,there are wide variety of traditional wear for both men and women .. say for men there are dhoti ,kurta and colourful turbans and for females dupatas, kurtis, bangles,earings...there are also local jewelleries and handicrafts which are amazing

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Jun 19, 10:56AM EDT17
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Would you suggest a trip to Jaisalmer to your family and friends?

Jun 18, 12:27PM EDT25

Going to jaisalmer will definitely be a BiG Yes !! It is an amazing place with amazing people. The fort, gadisar lake, sam sand dunes are all worth it..on top of it the rich desert safari and cultural experience is not to be missed by anyone

Jun 19, 10:53AM EDT35
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What was the worst thing about the city apart from the spicy food?

Jun 18, 1:36AM EDT0

Spicy food cannot be called 'worst' thing since many people like that. But apart from that, I would say that cleanliness can be improved further to exceptional standards.

Jun 18, 7:32AM EDT0

What impression did the various temples and shrines in the city make on you?

Jun 17, 10:19AM EDT30

All the temples and shrines are wonderful. Their architecture, scupture, creativity shows how much patience the artists had during that time. They are tastefully made and shows how good the Jain and Rajput architecture was during that time. 

Jun 18, 7:35AM EDT35

Can you share any photos of them?

Jun 20, 9:34AM EDT10

What kind of accommodation did you opt for that you experienced the spicy, hot Indian local cuisine?

Jun 17, 7:24AM EDT0

I am a native so I can tell about the local food which we normally have. Normally, accomodation are hotels in Jaisalmer which takes care of the various food choices of people all around the world. So you may not find that spicy a food at all hotels.

Jun 18, 7:36AM EDT0

Are you an Indian travelling to various states and places in India?

Jun 17, 4:01AM EDT29

Yeah. I have travelled to many states but I am not a traveller in Rajasthan. It is my home state and I have spent my life over here. Now Iplan to continue further to the northeast of India.

Jun 18, 7:37AM EDT33
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How were the locals and what kind of welcome did you get in the city?

Jun 16, 7:02PM EDT26

Ohhh, that would be  an lovely experience. Big moustaches with even bigger smiles will greet you in the city. Jaisalmer has been a land of sacrifces, valour and royalty and it is prevalent in the city today also. It is amazing to say the least. You will be treated with sweets, garlands and tilak when you arrive here.

Jun 17, 1:26AM EDT49
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What impressed you the most about the city and in its local population?

Jun 16, 1:46AM EDT0

A city is known as much by the places to visit as by the people who live in it. The locals are hospitable and friendly. They will go out of their way to make the guests comfortable. They are always smiling and cheerful. In the places, I like the fort and gadisar lake a lot :) 

Jun 17, 1:23AM EDT0

What made the best impression on you about this desert city in Rajasthan?

Jun 16, 12:37AM EDT0

Sand dunes and the forts. Amazing landscapes. This is a great place for the foreigners to visit. The colours, costumes and most importantly, the hospitality of the people is out of this world. One should also look at the marvellous architecture of the place.

Jun 17, 1:21AM EDT0

Are you a foreigner visiting India the first time and visited Jaisalmer, a city in Rajasthan?

Jun 15, 11:28PM EDT0

No, I am a native and have lived there for some time in my childhood. It is an eternal place and love to go there often. Have you ever been there?

Jun 17, 1:17AM EDT0

What kind of architectural delights can one anticipate while checking out the various Palaces and Havelis in Jaisalmer?

Jun 15, 11:19AM EDT0

If you love architecture, Jaisalmer is the place to be in. you can find tasteful sculptures in yellow sandstone all around. Patwon ki haveli, Fort etc. have beautifully carved windows and walls. Each piece of  stone has been patiently crafted to perfection and the Havelis reflect the same. Architecture formed an important role in the erstwhile kingdom of Jaisalmer. It is an absolute delight.

Jun 15, 1:45PM EDT0

Would you say Jaisalmer is safe for single women travelling alone ?

Jun 15, 7:40AM EDT40

yes, Jaisalmer is very safe. As people in Rajasthan are very innocent and respect women. They love the travelers and the foreigners. Tourists are a source of livelihood for them and there are very rare cases of any crime.

Jun 15, 1:26PM EDT40
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Did you participate in any local fairs or festivals in Jaisalmer?

Jun 15, 6:00AM EDT22

No i haven't participated in any local fairs but definetely been a part of it. I have attended the desert festival which include camel race, folk performances and other cultural events. Camels are also decorated by their owners and the best decorated one is awarded.

Jun 15, 1:20PM EDT35
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Did you face any hardship during your tour of this city and state?

Jun 14, 7:55PM EDT0

Not really, it is a very tourist friendly city with lots and lots of adventure and fun. But do take care that you carry enough sunscreen since summers here are extremely hot. Else, people and place are lovely and lively. cheers.

Jun 15, 1:27PM EDT0

Did you visit the desert and get an experience riding camels and other animals?

Jun 14, 5:52PM EDT25

Ohhh yeah.. I have been there many a times and deserts are my source of imagination. I have riden camels and took many safaris. They are lovely and an experience to have. A must go place once you visit India.

Jun 15, 1:28PM EDT44
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Did you ever feel unsafe or worried about your safety during the time you spent in Jaisalmer?

Jun 14, 3:04PM EDT0

No, Jaisalmer is very safe. Rajasthani people are very honest and respect the tourists. They love the culture and their values a lot. Foreigners are a source of income for them and there are very rare cases of any crime.

Jun 15, 1:30PM EDT0

How was your experience at Bada Bagh, the venue for spectacular sunsets?

Jun 14, 2:49PM EDT0

Bada bagh is a beautiful panoramic place and a must visit destination while in Jaisalmer. Apart from its design and the sunsets, I also like the stories behind the chhatris or the cenotaphs. Rajputs are very disciplined when it comes to respecting the elders and they show their reverence to any deceased elder by building these monuments. So these things are both beautiful and meaningful. Bada Bagh is great place to just watch the sun goes down in the red dune sands.

Jun 17, 1:35AM EDT0

Are there decent tour packages available which take care of all your needs and leave you carefree to enjoy the sights?

Jun 14, 2:25PM EDT0

Jaisalmer is a tourist friendly city. It is the main source of income for the locals. The tourism industry is well developed and there are manyprofessional tour guides in Jaisalmer. You can visit http://wikitravel.org/en/Jaisalmer

Jun 15, 1:35PM EDT0

Did you face water shortage or scarcity during your stay in Jaisalmer?

Jun 14, 1:31PM EDT0

Though it is a desert city, water is not that scarce due to the Indira Gandhi Canal that comes over there. It takes care of all the water needs of the people. It has never happened with me. Moreover, the hotels take care that they take care of water needs of their guests first.

Jun 15, 1:38PM EDT0

What made you choose the desert city of Jaisalmer when you made your travel plans?

Jun 14, 11:34AM EDT0

Forts, Dunes, Culture and People. Everything is good about Jaisalmer. I am a native so I did not have to make travel plans though. :) This is a lovely and a must visit place in India.

Jun 17, 1:39AM EDT0

How impressive was the Wood Fossil Park where you can disco the geologic tragedies that occurred millions of years ago in the That Desert?

Jun 14, 9:54AM EDT0

Yeah, it is. Jaisalmer has a very rich prehistoric fossil collection. It is believed to be one of the places where dinosaurs thrived during their era. The Wood Fossil Park is a great place to be for all the enthusiasts and go back in time.

Jun 17, 1:43AM EDT0

How costly dod you think is the city of Jaisalmer and how much budget must one have to enjoy the city?

Jun 14, 6:13AM EDT0

Jaisalmer is not at all costly compared to other Indian cities,  though luxury comes at a price. Accommodation is pricy if you wish to live in a luxurious hotel, else there are budget options too. 20,000 INR should be enough for one person to enjoy the city for a couple of days including your food, travel, safaris and all.

Jun 17, 1:46AM EDT0

What time of the year did you visit Jaisalmer located in Rajasthan, India?

Jun 14, 6:08AM EDT0

I spent my childhood there so I have been there in hot and cold. For a foreigner, the months just after monsoons are the best time to visit the place. From September till mid Feb, I would say. After that, it turns scorchingly hot.

Jun 17, 1:47AM EDT0

Did you find any alternate food items which were suitable to your palate?

Jun 14, 5:54AM EDT0

Yes, there are but then one has to constantly demand that from the cook. The cook can add smaller amount of the chillies that they put. The spices that are put both add to the taste and also the agony especially for the outsiders. So whenever you want to eat, do specify your choice of taste beforehand.

Jun 17, 1:49AM EDT0

Did you make a solo trip or went with your family or friends?

Jun 14, 4:58AM EDT0

I have spent my childhood there so it wasn't a trip for me. I was just lucky to be born at a place close to it.

Jun 17, 1:50AM EDT0

Which activities are permitted on various water bodies including the Gadiyar Lake in the city?

Jun 14, 4:44AM EDT0

Gadisar lake is a beautiful lake. One can go for boating  in the lake. You can also feed catfish. The beautiful views from the banks of the lake are also worth it.

Jun 17, 1:55AM EDT0

How did you like Jaisalmer apart from the spicy cuisine which was not suited to your taste?

Jun 14, 4:43AM EDT0

Apart from the spicy cuisine, Jaisalmer offers an out of the world Fort, beautiful sand dunes, lovely lake, fossil park, centophs and genuinely hospitable people. It is one of the must go to places while in India.

Jun 17, 1:57AM EDT0

Did you explore the local spices market and the locally grown capsicum which lends the cuisine its hot flavor?

Jun 14, 1:14AM EDT0

I have spent my childhood there so have quite a bit of idea about it. The spice that actually adds to the spicyness of the dish is not the capsicum but the red chillis that are grown nearby. The hot flavour can be made milder, which happens in the hotels, by using packed chilly flavours.

Jun 17, 2:01AM EDT0

Did you check out other food items which were non-spicy but gave you a treat of the local cuisine?

Jun 14, 1:10AM EDT0

You can taste everything of the cuisine in a milder way as well. The only difference is the chillies that would be used will not be from the nearby farms. This will be from the packed chilly powders that are same all across India.

Jun 17, 2:03AM EDT0

How was your experience at the Desert National Park in Jaisalmer?

Jun 13, 7:09PM EDT0

It is a lovely place to be in. Lots of varieties of desert flora and fauna can be found here. The dunes are mystical and the migratory birds make them even more beautiful. It is a great experience to have.

Jun 17, 2:18AM EDT0

Which months are the best suited to visit and enjoy Jaisalmer?

Jun 13, 6:12PM EDT0

September to March are ideal months to be in Jaisalmer since the heat is not that much, the monsoons would have made the place cooler and greener and there are lots of festivals to enjoy.

Jun 17, 2:16AM EDT0

What kind of cuisine and food options are available in various places in the city?

Jun 13, 2:09PM EDT0

Thanks to the budding tourism industry, you have  lots of choices from the all across the world to satiate your palate. Apart from the local Rajasthani cuisine, there are italian restaurants, mexican, continental, thai and European cuisine as well. There are also enough choices to choose the sweets from all across the country.

Jun 17, 2:20AM EDT0

How did you manage to survive in the extreme heat and hot water prevalent in the city?

Jun 13, 12:57PM EDT0

I have been a native of Rajasthan so I have it in the genes I suppose :) It is not that difficult  if adequate precations are taken. There are no bottles that you will find in villages to store water but matkas (earthern pots) which have pores in them. Effective evaporation helps the water being cold throughout the day. Also, there a many plants which when dipped in water, turns very cold and when applied to the both of the feet, would make you relax and prevent heat stroke from happening.

Jun 17, 2:15AM EDT0

Did you check out the historical sites and various palaces and ruins of ancient times?

Jun 13, 12:52PM EDT0

Yes, the place has seen a lot from the time it came up. The Rajput rulers built forts and gardens in and around the area which turned desolate after wars and battles. These are the sites that allows you to speed back in time, relish the lives during those days and appreciate the culture and architecture of Jaisalmer.

Jun 17, 2:12AM EDT0

Were people friendly and helpful or were they reserved and kept to themselves?

Jun 13, 12:43PM EDT0

Generally, people are shy but the guide may make them interact with the tourists.They are very friendly, lively and always smiling. The amount of hardships they go through everyday cannot be determined by looking at their faces. They are calm and help the guests always and go out of their skin to make the travelers comfortable.

Jun 15, 1:42PM EDT0

Did you opt for a private tour with a decent guide and proper vehicles?

Jun 13, 10:39AM EDT0

No, I have my grandma's place there so it was not a concern for me. I have never taken any tour and we go for a drive in our vehicle whenever we wish. But for foreigners, there are many good guides and vehicles available both onsite and online.



Jun 15, 1:40PM EDT0